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They keep trying to split us up...

... but they never will.

Does it need saying?
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a Doctor/Rose Shipping Comm

Who we are: We’re a Doctor/Rose shipping comm formed following the events of the Doctor Who season four finale. Our goal here is not to bash or disrespect Ten II or the Ten II/Rose ship, but to provide a safe place for fans of the original ship to gather. If you’re new here, we ask you check out our FAQ below.


~ Play nice. Character bashing in any form will not be tolerated. If we feel you are disrespecting a character we will give you a clear warning; you’ll only get two warnings before we ban you. The mods also reserve the right to ban a member if we believe they’ve made blatantly offensive or derogatory remarks.

~The same goes for respecting other members - we expect everyone to act maturely and respectfully to their fellow members and mods. We also ask that you respect the opinions of others, whether or not they differ from your own.

~ All posts should relate to the community’s focus - the Doctor and Rose. We’ll contact you if we feel your post is off-topic, but ask that you use your better judgment.

~ As this comm was created in response to Journey’s End, we hope all our members are familiar with seasons one through four. However, speculation and spoilers for the specials and/or future seasons need to be put behind a spoiler cut and clearly labeled with an appropriate warning.

~ Lengthy posts, large graphics, fanfic, etc., must also be put behind a LJ-cut.

~Any and all entries above a ‘Teen’ rating need to be clearly labeled as such.

~We allow the pimping of comms; however, we would appreciate if you asked permission prior to posting so that we can approve your request. You can do that by leaving a comment on our 'Page-a-Mod' page or by emailing us at brown_not_blue@yahoo.com.


Isn’t this just another Post-Journey’s End comm? Why should I join?

Unlike several comms popping up after the finale aired (and yes, there have been many), this comm is unique in that it focuses on the original Doctor and Rose’s relationship only.

But what if I like Ten II?

That’s fine. In fact, we mods agree with you. The point of this comm is to provide a fan base for the Doctor/Rose ship. We have a zero tolerance policy concerning the bashing of either Ten II or the Ten II/Rose ship. There are several Ten II/Rose comms you can join - we aim only to give the original ship an exclusive comm as well.

Can I post stories shipping the original Doctor and Rose in a different incarnation?

Yes. All past and future regenerations of the original Doctor are welcome. On that note, the post doesn't have to directly relate to Journey's End - our only expectation is that the entry relates to the original Doctor and Rose.

What if my entry ships both Doctor/Rose and Human!Doctor/Rose?

We ask that you use your own discretion on whether or not your entry is predominantly Doctor/Rose. We’ll contact you if we feel the ship isn’t the focus of your entry.

What can I post here?

We welcome a variety of fanworks, from fanfiction, fanvids, fanmixes, challenges, discussion, art, icons, graphics, polls, challenges, fic recs - you name it! If you’re ever confused about whether or not something is appropriate for this comm, feel free to contact us at brown_not_blue@yahoo.com.

What if my question’s not answered here?

You can leave us a comment here with your questions or email us at brown_not_blue@yahoo.com

Would you like to affiliate with our comm? Drop a comment here.

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