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They keep trying to split us up...
... but they never will.
FIC: Idle & Blessed, 1/20 
16th-Nov-2012 02:12 pm

by Rabid1st

Doctor Who


AU from “The End of Time”

Rating: Mature Eventually

Beta: Not at this time. Eventually.

Warning: This is not a Ten2 story. He is gone, but, not forgotten, exactly.

Author's Notes: Once upon a time, a long time before Journey's End, I wrote a story called “What Wild Geese Know” that featured Ten and Rose starting out to be normal people like...well...everyone has now imagined Ten2 and Rose to be. But then Journey's End happened and I lost all taste for my favorite show. But still, I wanted to finish my Wild Geese 2 story idea. This story is going to take some of those ideas and work them around with a bit of what is happening with the Moffat/Matt series of Doctor Who thrown in to the mix, because I can't ignore that canon, I just can't.

Summary: There are a lot of unanswered questions in New Who. Loopholes in the plot that are shouted out loud. “Why did the TARDIS door close?” for example. Who closed it? Why did all time lines end with Donna? Who was that woman who warned Wilf? What caused that explosion on the TARDIS during the Tenth Doctor's regeneration? And when did the Doctor become such a helpless child, so afraid of endings? Of course, it may never be connected by canon. But I will connect it all here. The explosion on the TARDIS was the start of another story, in another universe. This is that tale.

Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with Doctor Who. This is simply a way to pay homage to characters I love and wish to preserve in my mind.


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